When the Movie Stars are Translators and Interpreters

One of the features that characterize the actors in a work of fiction, whether a novel, a movie, a TV show or a play, is their profession. Sometimes the work is the element which turns the entire plot, as in the case of capital punishment in The Executioner or as in the world of advertising Mad Men which was a run-away hit on HBO.

The term transfection, “the introduction and increased use of translation-related phenomena in fiction describes those works in which the characters make use of translators and interpreters. The entry of this blog published last June 2015, entitled when the characters of an audiovisual work need translating, focused on the visibility of the translation process in multilingual films. This entry had the potential to reduce the opportunities for our profession in theater.

The Interpreter was the first movie to be filmed at UN facilities in New York. Famous both for the director and the actors had a tremendously positive impact upon its release. In an interesting article that was published in the blog of the International Association of Conferences indicated what aspects of professional practice they thought were reflected in the worst manner (the absence of prior preparation before the work of interpretation or an example of consecutive interpretation was deemed very unprofessional).

The interpreter is also the main character in the play as white heart Javier Marx published in 1987. The translator is the main character of the works of Jacques Gélat: Le traduction (2006) and Le traduction Lamoureux (2010). Both the interpreter Javier Marias as the translator of Jacques Gélat are faced with a situation of both speech and original work, so that the three novels revolve around the betrayal that often gives a bad reputation toward our profession.

In recent years, it is highlighting the representation of our profession in fiction. In 2012 the association of professional translators Astrid organized a cycle in the Spanish Film Library in order to “emphasize the role of cultural mediation that share the translation and film and highlight the close relationship between film and translation as cultural expressions” (more cycle information in this review of the magazine Pluto and Coma. In 2008 the first international conference held in Vienna about the presence of translators and interpreters in literature and cinema (more information: translators). Some of the papers of this congress are contained in the Transfection volume. Research into the realities of fiction translation, published in 2014.  And Mox is the leading translator of comics made by Alejandro Moreno (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Peritostraductores).



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Things To Look For In A SEO Company

If your website is not appearing on the first page of the major search engines, potential customers and visitors may not even know that your company exist. When you have better visibility, you will have a boost of visitors to your site. This will lead to an increase in profits, sales and brand awareness.

However, if you do not have the expertise or time to try to increase your website’s rankings, your business will suffer. The good news is that you can hire an SEO company that has the experience, skills and reliability to improve your website’s search engine results like Riverside SEO – Top Rank Solutions.

There are several questions that you should ask when you are considering hiring an SEO company.

Are You Able To See A List Of All Clients?

A SEO company that is reputable and professional will not have a problem sharing a list of both past and present clients. The client list should also include the contact information. The references will allow you to get more insight into the company, as well as verify that the company did work on SEO specific projects.

Although the client may not be able to provide you with specifics, they should be able to tell you whether they saw a positive increase their ranking in the search engines. They should also be able to tell you whether they saw an increase in website conversions.

How Can The SEO Company Improve The Search Engine Rankings Of Your Website?

Be wary of SEO companies that do not discuss their methods with you openly. The consultants or SEO specialist should be able to explain all of their strategies to you in a clear and concise manner. They will also tell you how long it should realistically take to achieve the campaign goals you have discussed.

Also ask the consultants if they also provide SEO strategies that are off page. For example, can their strategies help to raise your content’s awareness on other platforms such as press releases and blogs?

Will You Guarantee That My Website Will Reach Number One Ranking On Major Search Engines?

If the SEO company says “yes”, you will need to leave and go the other way. Although no company can guarantee a number one ranking, many less than reputable companies will make these types of false promises.

Also consider it a warning if the SEO company states that it has insider information or a “special” relationship with a major search engine.

What We Learned On Our Trip To Guadalajara

Before my wife and I went on our trip to Guadalajara, we made sure to do some work on preparations. This is something we wanted to share with everyone out there because we think that our way of getting ready for a trip can make you have a much simpler time in arranging your travel plans.



downtown guadalajara

I did some research on what the weather was like last year during the same season we were visiting there. I just narrowed it down to what that month in the last year looked like so that I could get a rough idea of what we should pack to keep us comfortable. There were a couple of times when rain was an issue, so we packed umbrellas and that was an awesome idea since it did rain there one time. You can check the weather forecast here.

One thing about taking a trip that you have to make sure you do to save money is to book everything you need in advance. I try to shoot for booking everything at least a month and a half ahead of time but if a holiday will be when I travel then I try to book even earlier than that. Usually, a company will charge a lot more at the last minute because they know you don’t have a lot of other options. You’re also going to want to call all of the places where you booked everything so you can see if they still have you down.

There was a problem with this website I was using to book that I found out about almost too late. What I did was when I got to my hotel they couldn’t find my name in their system. Turns out, the booking website made a mistake of some kind and I had to contact them first before the hotel would let me stay there. Needless to say, this was really troublesome and I’m glad it didn’t happen around a holiday. This is why I know to check my booking status before traveling. On our next trip we’re going to try this little designer hotel that was highly recommended from some local friends in Guadalajara.  Here also is a map of the area which was wonderful for walking and felt very safe.  Mostly the area has the old wealth of the city from the 1930’s to 1950’s.

There was a great romantic getaway package that we worked with so that we could get a few extras along with our regular travel options. One thing I really liked was the fact that we were able to book a nice place to eat and get drinks, and that was really impressive for the price. There was a local tour we went on too that we paid a little extra for, and the only problem with that is I didn’t bring an extra battery for my camera. That’s okay, however, because I used my phone to take the rest of my pictures, but next time I will bring another battery!

Our trip to Guadalajara was able to provide us with fantastic memories for all of the right reasons. I’m glad we prepared carefully because the last time I took a trip there it was memorable for how bad the traveling part was. Try to work on this like we did and you should have success with your travels! We also found TripAdvisor to be an excellent source for planning your trip.

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